Your child is your wealth. He is your jewel, your most prized jewel, valid both here on earth and in heaven.
The attention you give to your child today is the acceptance or the approval you would receive tomorrow. Do everything within your reach to offer your best to them now.
Your children give you the prize for the price you pay!
The happiness you deserve from your child is the happiness you give to your child – Success Okechukwu
When you generate the right attitude of supporting and promoting your child’s dignity and self-esteem, you are indirectly storing wealth for your future.
Giving your children the best education meant for them paves a way for your huge harvest.
The little seed of corn you sow today will bring many bunches as it springs. Do forget you have a great role to play as a parent when it comes to nurturing and supporting your children. It would take you pains to cultivate but all the pains you forget during harvest.
Equipping in them the right manner will not change them positively but will skyrocket them above their expectations in life.
Take some cautions while raising your children
1. Do not expose your children to danger by neglecting their matters
2. Do not expose them to exam malpractice. It is detrimental! Encourage them to study while it is time.
3. Censor the films they watch daily.
4. Render genuine advice as much as possible and live the life for them to emulate.
5. Teach them the rules of life: whoever works will eat! The list is endless.
(Gen 18:19) For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the lord, to do justice and judgment…
…your child your wealth!


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